A Plant Workshop with Opus Botanicals


Opus Botanical Florist is an elegant, cultivated florist in Cape Town that specialises in flowers, hanging plants and plant-related design. It can be found sitting humbly under the towering Zeitz MOCCA. The four-walled space is encased in glass through which the gentle, Winter sunlight pours. The sheer amount of greenery that greets you as you enter makes Opus the ultimate safe-haven for any and all plant-lovers. The long, dark shelving that lines one of the four walls is neatly cluttered with all kinds of wonderful vessels to fill with plants: small and large glass containers; cement and terracotta pots; glass test tubes; and bright ceramic pots with beautiful etchings. Lucky bamboo, orchids – all of these wonderful plants sit under, inside of or between the myriad of vessels. On display, and available to purchase, is also a wonderful variety of handmade, organic soaps, sheering scissors, seedlings and beautiful watering cans.

It was here, in this bright and beautiful space, that we attended a Basic Guide to Indoor Plants Workshop. The three hours was spent covering the theory of houseplants – the factors affecting their growth, growing mediums, how to read your plant, and propagation – and getting our hands dirty with repotting and propagating our own plants to take home.

Rebecca Beaumont, bless her to the heavens and back she is so lovely, hosted the workshop. Her background is in architecture and interior design, and now Rebecca works at Opus alongside Marissa, consulting with homeowners, working on events like weddings, and applying her mind to plant-related design.

In between gushing over plants, Rebecca shared with us her vast array of knowledge and energy. One such example: did you know that one plant improves the air around it by 25%? This was the result of a study done by NASA to determine which plants would make a difference to the air on the International Space Station. The conclusion? Plants purify air, and are a part of what NASA called “nature’s life support system.” Click here to read the study.

Today, Rebecca is hosting another workshop on Botanical Design (which I, sadly, won’t be attending but for happy reasons – we are going to The Table at De Meye). If you’re interested in any Opus Workshops, they have a couple more coming up: Bouquet Making on 02 June and Ikebana on 26 May. Stay up-to-date with their happenings by giving their Facebook page a like. (Their Instagram is also so worth the love you have to give it.)