Hokey Poke

I have come to realise that the conversation piece that excites me most is food. I love it when I get talking to tourists and Cape Town-newbies and I get to tell them about all the must-go-to places to eat. Cape Town is ripe with delicious eateries. Ergo, the newest kid on the Cape Town more »

Die Strandloper

To celebrate two years knowing each other, being best friends and sharing an enormous amount of love, we went to Die Strandloper in Langebaan this last Sunday. There is literally nothing better than enjoying a tasty, filling meal with Calvin. It’s our favourite past-time. In fact, and holy cow, I sh-udder (see what I did there?) more »

Embracing 2017

2015, for me, was a year of a destructive self-image, terrible habits, toxic relationships and the constant comparison of my life to everybody’s else’s. By the end of the year, I had had enough. I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I sent an email to my modeling agency letting them know I was quitting, more »

Birthday Books

You know you’re surrounded by the best when you get only your very favourite things for your birthday. Opening present after present this year on my 23rd, knowing without a doubt that they were books, some I knew and wanted and others I didn’t know at all but fell in love with all the same. Here more »

Loving the rain

I love the rain more than I can humanly describe. Do I love it so because I feel its absence? Would I love it less in a more dreary, weather-ridden city like London, a country like Ireland? Did you know that Uganda is the country with the most thunderstorms? It has, on average, 242 days more »

A fuller bookshelf

“This morning I understand what it means to die: when we disappear, it is the others who die for us, for here I am, lying on the cold cobbles and it’s not the dying I care about; it has no more meaning this morning than it did yesterday. But never again will I see those more »