Swellendam: A Weekend Getaway

This past weekend proved that you don’t need to go to a sought-after destination to have a picture-perfect holiday. Our short weekend getaway to Swellendam this past weekend proved to be quaint, picturesque and just the right amount of adventure-and-chill. Swellendam, for those who don’t know, is a small, sleepy town a mere 2.5 hours more »

Die Strandloper

To celebrate two years knowing each other, being best friends and sharing an enormous amount of love, we went to Die Strandloper in Langebaan this last Sunday. There is literally nothing better than enjoying a tasty, filling meal with Calvin. It’s our favourite past-time. In fact, and holy cow, I sh-udder (see what I did there?) more »

Loving the rain

I love the rain more than I can humanly describe. Do I love it so because I feel its absence? Would I love it less in a more dreary, weather-ridden city like London, a country like Ireland? Did you know that Uganda is the country with the most thunderstorms? It has, on average, 242 days more »

India: the gooey details behind our preparation

There are no butterflies quite like those you get in your tummy before you set off on a grand new adventure. Especially when the culture you are about to step into is one for which you have no comparison. The butterflies in my stomach are certainly busy. Although I have always wanted to go to more »